WAMAC — The Village of Wamac Zoning Commission has approved a proposal to locate a cannabis growing facility and dispensary in a building in the 1700 block of South Brookside.

The building is currently owned by Roger and Pam McKay who have requested a special use permit for the property. The building used to house McKay’s Hazmat Truck Service.

Monday’s hearing was held to address the special use permit proposal for the 12,000 square foot building as well as allowing similar facilities as special uses in agricultural or commercial zones.

The proposal calls for 2,000 square feet of the building to be dedicated to as a dispensary and 10,000 to growing product.

The proposal now goes to the Board of Aldermen for a final decision at their March 2 meeting.

If approved, the owners anticipate 20 to 25 employees working at high paying jobs with benefits at both the dispensary and grow facility.