CENTRALIA — Stage Two of the 11-month construction project to replace the Crooked Creek Bridge Highway 161 west of Centralia will close the intersection of Shattuc Road and Highway 161 for 14 days starting Friday, July 26.

Last year the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) approved a $21 million construction project to replace and improve the Crooked Creek Bridge west of Centralia.

The project has completely closed Highway 161 between Shattuc Road and Noltings Road since January and detours will remain in place until December.

The next stage of the project will close the intersection of Noltings Road and Highway 161 for 120 days.

The existing structure is 80 years old and was beyond regular maintenance. The new bridge will be 7 feet taller than the current structure and the intersections of Shattuc Road and at Noltings Road will be 3 feet higher than current elevation.

Due to wetlands and flood area surrounding the construction zones; IDOT jurisdiction on county roads; along with state and local budget restrictions, a temporary structure was not found to be viable.