Kanye West is seen exiting her hotel on September 3^ 2016 in New York City. NEW YORK.

Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) and Ty Dolla $ign unveiled the video for “Talking,” the third single off Vultures 1. 

Per Billboard, North West — Ye’s oldest daughter with ex-wife Kim Kardashian —  makes an appearance in the video, and is also credited as writer and director. Aus Taylor, who has previously worked with Ye in the pastand photographed the album covers for Vultures 1 & 2, is credited as co-director.

The video follows North as she performs in various locations: a basketball court, a boxing ring, in a field standing next to a vulture, hanging out of the roof of a drop top sports car, and at dinning table with friends.  The video fades out with Ye standing on a mountaintop as the clouds roll in and a vulture flies over him.

Watch the video for “Talking” – here.

Editorial credit: Liam Goodner / Shutterstock.com

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