Be aware of breast cancer awareness month scams

Be aware of breast cancer awareness month scams

ILLINOIS (RFD) — Scams on the internet are extremely common and come in many forms. Many scammers will try to tie their pitch into current events, so with Breast Cancer Awareness Month here, an investigator with the agency advises you to do your homework if you plan to donate.

BBB offers Charity Reviews of more than 11,000 charities nationwide, including several BBB Accredited Charities that support cancer research or provide support to cancer survivors. Investigator Don O’Brien says some charities have names that resemble well-known breast cancer charities, so it’s a good idea to check charities out on the agency’s website before making a donation.

In the last three years, 25 charity scams involving cancer have been reported to BBB Scam Tracker, out of about 580 charity scams reported over the same period.

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