BENTON, IL — Administrative offices for Franklin County’s Emergency Management Agency and 911 will be moving to the Campbell Building on the Benton Square once the new courthouse is completed.

Franklin County Board Chairman Larry Miller says the County Board approved that decision at Monday night’s meeting. Miller says both offices will be located in the basement of the Campbell Building. That area was retrofitted to be the temporary courthouse during construction of the new facility across the street.

Ryan Buckingham, Emergency Management Director for Franklin County, says the cost to move to the Campbell Building will be minimal.

Buckingham says at this point in time there has been a lot of discussion about the consolidation of the county’s 911 call centers and possibly retrofitting the Campbell Building to serve as a new consolidated 911 center for several entities. Those discussions are ongoing, and Buckingham hopes to see some progress on that in the future.

As for the new courthouse, Miller says construction is moving along quite nicely and anticipates being in it earlier than the County Board thought. The county was looking at a move in date of April of next year, but Miller says it looks like that date will be moved up two or three months.

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