More Details Released Involving High Speed Chase in Centralia Wednesday

More Details Released Involving High Speed Chase in Centralia Wednesday

MARION COUNTY — Centralia police have released more details in connection with a Wednesday morning incident that led to a high-speed pursuit in Centralia and the arrest of a juvenile male who reportedly stole the vehicle used in the chase following a domestic battery on Maulding Drive.

According to Police Chief Greg Dodson, at 10:48 a.m., officers responded to a 911 call on Maulding Drive of a  Home Invasion, Robbery, Domestic Battery and Car Jacking.

The victim who had substantial facial injuries advised that a Juvenile male who she had a previous relationship with called her wanting to come over and see her as well as use her car.

The victim, who was at home with her boyfriend, refused his requests and advised him that she had no interest in seeing him.

A short time later the Juvenile came to her home and broke into her residence through a window entering her residence and then battered the male subject. The male then fled the residence stating he was in fear for his life as he believed the juvenile to be armed.

After the male fled the residence the juvenile then proceeded to batter the female. The Juvenile then left the residence stealing the vehicle of the male victim that he had battered.

At this point, the female called 911 and reported the incident.

An officer arrived on scene and was informed of the identity of the juvenile, she also advised the officer that he was armed with a firearm when the incident occurred.

The Officer also knew the juvenile was additionally being sought in connection with a pending robbery case.

Shortly after arriving on scene the juvenile was seen driving the stolen vehicle in the area and officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The subject refused to stop and a pursuit of the vehicle was initiated.

The vehicle fled from officer eventually leading officers eastbound on 161 reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph. During the pursuit, the juvenile apparently threw a large quantity of some type of contraband out the window of the vehicle that officers suspected to be a controlled substance.

After considering the seriousness of the offenses committed, the fact he was reportedly armed with a firearm and the reckless manner he was operating the vehicle, supervisors felt the juvenile posed a serious ongoing risk to public safety.

With this in mind, the officers were ordered to execute a pit maneuver in order to end the pursuit at the first opportunity where it was deemed safe to do so.

The officers executed the pit maneuver as the vehicle attempted to enter Interstate 57 by the northbound on-ramp. Officers were able to disable his vehicle but two Centralia Police vehicles were damaged in the process.

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