New Scam Pitches Free Medical Braces

New Scam Pitches Free Medical Braces

ILLINOIS (RFD) —- Heading into the New Year, the Better Business Bureau wants you to be wary of a fairly new twist on the tried and true phone scam. The goal is apparently to harvest personal information, with the possibility of the victim sending money for what is being pitched as free medical braces.

While the targets typically do not lose money in these scams, one person reported her mother was fraudulently billed for a shipment of eight braces she did not order, resulting in a loss of over $800. Better Business Bureau Investigator Don O’Brien says the easiest way to deal with these robocalls is to just hang up.

In addition to hanging up, O’Brien suggests you block the number if your cell phone has that option; don’t answer calls from unknown numbers; and report scam calls to the FTC and the BBB.

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