CENTRAL CITY — Central City police have arrested a 40-year-old homeless man for alleged burglary after he was reportedly spotted running from the scene by an officer.

According to Central City Police Sergeant Nick Heath, his department had received reports in the last few weeks of at least six vehicles in the area being broken into. Heath says they believe Matthew Dufrenne is responsible for not only the vehicle burglaries but a daytime burglary Sunday of a home in the 100 block of East Prairie in Central City.

Heath says that while they can’t tie all six vehicle burglaries to Dufrenne, they have evidence tying him to at least two in different parts of town and to the residential burglary.

A neighbor of the home contacted police Sunday to report suspicious activity at the residence and that he saw two people run from the back of the home and to a home in the 100 block of East Marvin.

Upon arrival, the officer noticed a broken window on the back of the residence and indications that the home had been burglarized and items taken.

The neighbor and officer then watched as two males and a female exited the home with the officer telling them he needed to speak with them.

A tall white male now identified as Dufrenne took off running toward Lions Park. As the officer started to place handcuffs on the other male, he reportedly twisted away and also ran off.

He was apprehended a few blocks away and he as well as the female were taken in for questioning. He was found in possession of cash later identified by the homeowner as having been taken from the home. He later told officers Dufrenne had given him the cash to pay off a drug debt.

Officers then went to the home the suspects were seen leaving before they fled on foot. The residents of the Marvin home were questioned about the tall thin man and they identified him as Dufrenne.

They said he had been staying with them for a few weeks and that some items inside their home were brought in by Dufrenne and did not belong to them.

The residents of the East Marvin home later contacted police when Dufrenne returned to their home and he was ultimately arrested on charges of felony theft and felony burglary. He was taken to the Marion County Jail to await the formal filing of charges and the setting of bail.