Court case involving Centralia mayoral election continued

MARION COUNTY — The Marion County court case seeking a ruling on who is the rightful Mayor of Centralia has been delayed.

Brian Kuder

Bryan Kuder was elected mayor in April but City Manager Dan Ramey brought information to the City Council indicating Kuder was ineligible to serve as he did not live within the city limits.

The city council subsequently voted to vacate Cuder’s election and appointed Herb Williams to serve as mayor.

Kuder filed a suit in Marion County Court seeking a judgment declaring him the duly elected and qualified Mayor of Centralia and a hearing in the case was continued Friday.

Kuder has insisted that he resides in an apartment in Centralia but was temporarily unable to stay in the apartment while damage from a flood was being repaired.

The City, however, says that Kuder had signed a tax form and mortgage documents stating a home he bought outside the city limits would be his primary residence.

For now, Centralia residents will have to wait for a decision in the case as it has been continued until a December 20 motion hearing.

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