After Viral Video of Attack on I-57 Near Chicago, Police Offer Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

After Viral Video of Attack on I-57 Near Chicago, Police Offer Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

ILLINOIS (IRN) — Illinois State Police have some tips for drivers so they don’t end up on a viral road rage video.

A video of two drivers fighting on Interstate 57 resulted in the arrest of 26-year-old Sheniqka Thomas getting arrested and charged with criminal damage to property.

The video shows a woman swinging a bat from inside a car while swerving into another lane. The woman gets out and continues to swing the bat, engaging with another person. The viral video spurred the Illinois State Police to reach out to the public for help.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is coming after you, don’t hesitate to call law enforcement.

“Do what you can to de-escalate the situation,” ISP Trooper Mindy Carroll said. “Give them some space and try to ignore them.”

And if someone’s left-lane lingering, phone-watching or other driving habits have you about to blow, Carroll said not to take it personally.

“Take a breather, step back a little bit, and do what you need to do to get away from that vehicle,” she said.

Car insurance analysis website said Millennials are most likely to experience road rage.

AAA said more than 12,500 injuries have been caused by driver violence since 2007.

ISP recommends:

  • Call 911, or *999 in Chicago, if you see anything suspicious, feel threatened, or witness anything suspicious

  • Try to get as much information about the vehicle as possible (make, model, color, plate, location, travel direction).

  • Only pull over for uniformed police

  • If your car breaks down, stay in the car, with your seatbelt on.

  • If a suspicious car comes up on you, slow down or change lanes to provide distance between yourself and the other car, keep your vehicle moving.

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