WalletHub Analysis Ranks Illinois 24th on List of Nation’s ‘Happiest’ States

WalletHub Analysis Ranks Illinois 24th on List of Nation’s ‘Happiest’ States

ILLINOIS (IRN) — Illinois ranked in the top half of the nation’s “happiest states,” according to an analysis by consumer finance website Wallethub

Illinois ranked 24th in the nation. The Land of Lincoln did “particularly well when it comes to emotional and physical well-being,” WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said researchers looked to answer one main question: “Does money buy happiness?”

The research found that “happiness only increases with wealth up to an annual household income of $75,000 to $95,000,” she said.

Above that financial threshold, factors such as health, job enjoyment and safety played a larger role in happiness, Gonzalez said.

The analysis found that warm weather didn’t play as much of a factor in overall happiness as some might have expected.

Metrics that were taken into consideration during the research were not only income, but also emotional and physical well-being, overall work environment and overall sense of community.

Illinois had a higher rank than most of its neighboring states, except Iowa, which ranked No. 11. Wisconsin ranked 25th followed by Indiana (35th), Missouri (41st) and Kentucky (45th).

When it came to work happiness, Illinois ranked 42nd in the nation.

“This is not only the number of work hours, commute time, how much money you’re making, but if you’re worried about money, if you feel secure in your job, satisfied with your job,” Gonzalez said.

The happiest states in America were Hawaii, Utah, Minnesota, California and New Jersey. At the bottom of the list were Arkansas, Alaska, Mississippi, Louisiana and West Virginia, which ranked 50th.

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