Rappers Soulja Boy and 2 Chainz have called out singer Ariana Grande for allegedly copying their work for her latest track “7 Rings”. Earlier this month, Grande was also accused of stealing lyrics by rapper Princess Nokia for the same song.

Soulja Boy alleged that Grande stole from his song “Pretty boy swag”. He replied to a tweet in which Grande thanked her friends who were featured in the “7 Rings” video, writing, “Give me my credit. Period.” He later followed up with the message: “You’re a thief.” 

2 Chainz was also quick to notice the similar visuals that the “7 Rings” music video shared with his “Door Swangin'” music video. He posted on his Instagram a snippet of Grande’s “7 Rings” with the caption: “Tryna figure out if I should Big Draco @arianagrande ????????… y’all tell me in the comments ???? #bigdracovibesall2019”

In addition to her alleged plagiarism of these rappers’ work, Grande also came under fire on Twitter for appropriating black culture. A rep for Grande did not immediately return comment on her alleged copying or cultural appropriation.

Ariana Grande accused of plagiarism by Soulja Boy, Princess Nokia and 2 Chainz

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