Trials for Jefferson County Couple Accused of Battering a Child Suffers Another Delay

Trials for Jefferson County Couple Accused of Battering a Child Suffers Another Delay

JEFFERSON COUNTY — A Jefferson County child abuse case that has endured a number of unusual stops suffered another delay this week after the bench trial for the 21-year-old mother of the infant was halted before closing arguments.

Abagail Adkins is charged along with 19-year-oldTyrone “EJ” Steele with Class X aggravated battery of a child under the age of 13 resulting in great bodily harm.

Until recently, Adkins and Steele were co-defendants in the case and were going to be tried together in a bench trial.

However, proceedings were halted after the first day of trial last month that included testimony from St. Louis physician Dr. Timothy Kutz who specializes in the assessment of suspected child abuse.

At that time Steele requested the case be severed and that he and Adkins be tried separately. It was agreed that Steele would be tried starting October 11 and Adkins starting October 15.

Then after one day of testimony on October 11th in Steele’s bench trial, it was agreed the proceedings would be continued until October 19.

According to Jefferson County State’s Attorney Sean Featherstun, Adkins’ bench trial was held Monday and both prosecution and defense had rest, however, defense counsel requested transcripts of Dr. Kutz’ testimony before proceeding to closing arguments.

The court allowed the request and continued the Adkins’ case for status on Friday – the same day that Steele’s trial is scheduled to continue.

Both Adkins and Steele remain in the Jefferson County Jail where they’ve been held since their 2017 arrests with bail set at $250,000 each.

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