Richie Sambora says that he would play with Bon Jovi if the band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The New Jersey rockers, who have been passed over every year since 2008, are currently leading the official fan vote — which just might finally ensure their induction this year. Ultimate Classic Rock posted the transcript of a TMZ clip in which Sambora talks about the band’s possibility of finally getting in the Hall in which he said, “I hope so, we’ll see what happens. Ultimately, I think we were gonna get in there anyway, but I wasn’t holding my breath for it. You never know. When you get in, you get in. If you ever dug the band, vote for us. Please vote for us.”

Sambora went on to tell DJ Eddie Trunk, that if inducted he would absolutely play with Bon Jovi: “Of course. Of course, man. Hey, look, at the end of the day, the great thing is that we made a lot of people happy, we put a lot of asses in the seats, we sold a lot of records and wrote some great songs that made a lot of people happy. So I guess if I do get in, I’ll feel like it’s maybe deserved or something like that. That’s the way I look at it. We were out there playing for 30-some-odd years and made a lot of people happy, so maybe that’s a deserved thing.”

  • He went on to reveal to Billboard that he would have no problem strapping on the guitar with the band again: “Sure. Of course, why not? There’s not a lot of malice there, you know. I mean, there’s just — it was just time for me to leave at that point. So yeah, of course. . .  I wish the guys well. They’re going out with their new music, and I think that they’re wishing me well, too.”
  • When asked what he thinks Bon Jovi would play at the ceremony, should they be voted in, Sambora said, “‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ would have to be one. ‘Prayer’ is a song that has lived through the ages. It’s one of those songs that means more today than when we wrote it. When you’re a songwriter and you hit that note when everybody relates to it, and it becomes a part of humanity, for God’s sake. . . And you know, ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive,’ obviously. With the Rock Hall, you have to almost sum up your life in three songs or so. That’s a really tough thing to do, something that the band would decide on.”
  • Richie Sambora and guitarist girlfriend Orianthi‘s have just released their first joint EP under their band moniker, RSO. The set, called Rise, features the single “Masterpiece,” along with four other tracks recorded at the couple’s home studio.

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